Episode 1: Are you an EGO J.E.D.I.? How to step into your true power!

EP - 001  |  Feb 27, 2024

With Co-Hosts davidji & Elizabeth Winkler

Episode Description

Are you stuck in your ego?
Are you stuck in patterns in your relationships that limit your happiness and personal growth?

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Shadow and The Light Podcast!!!  In this episode, hosts davidji and Elizabeth delve into the darkness of the ego and share powerful techniques to help you heal your relationships. Deploying their signature fusion of timeless wisdom & modern psychology they will help you unshackle your heart and mind from the binds of the EGO and learn to step into your power!

Discover how to maintain your inner calm amidst life’s ebb and flow, as davidji & Elizabeth share practical tools to escape the grip of the J.E.D.I. responses and find harmony in the present moment. As always, our hosts provide listeners with actionable tools for self-awareness and growth on your journey to transformation and healing.

Key takeaways for listeners:

  • How to Navigate Relationships Mindfully
  • How to loosen the grip of the EGO
  • How to cultivate equanimity as a vital ingredient for happiness and fulfillment
  • How to empower yourself to make better decisions and connect more authentically.
  • How acknowledging and working through shadow aspects can lead to profound personal transformation and healing.

In this enlightening episode, davidji & Elizabeth invite listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation by embracing the principles of JEDI, mindfulness, and ancient wisdom. This episode is not just a conversation; it’s an invitation to witness the brilliance that unfolds when we courageously step into the light and embrace every aspect of our being. Join us next time as we delve deeper into the interplay between the shadow and the light in our lives.

Episode Transcript

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