Episode 7: ARE YOU STRUGGLING? Let’s do some DEEP THERAPY!

EP - 007  |  Apr 9, 2024

With Co-Hosts davidji & Elizabeth Winkler

Episode Description


This is our episode on EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. Have you ever felt the weight of the world upon your shoulders and in your heart, only to realize there is a way through it all? Elizabeth Winkler joins davidji in an intimate discussion on the art of releasing the burdens that hinder our happiness & personal growth. We share a compelling tale of two travelers – the baggage they choose to carry with them… or don’t… and the diverging paths they experience, as one holds on and one lets go. davidji reveals his own struggle with hoarding and fear of loss which unveils the complexities of emotional clutter, as we unravel the courage it takes to part with objects that tether us to the past. Our insights into the emotional decluttering process shine a light on the pivotal role of trust and support, guiding us toward healing and the acceptance of new experiences.

In this episode, we delve into the roots of attachment, sharing personal anecdotes to illustrate the freedom that awaits us on the other side of trust. And then spontaneously, Elizabeth guides davidji into a deep therapeutic visualization using her signature H.A.T.E. transformational process. He fully surrenders and what unfolds is a profound journey of healing that culminates with a powerful LIVE energetic release.

As you go through Elizabeth’s process with davidji, you will also peel away your own layers of constriction, feel a weight lift off of you, and experience a powerful healing. This liberation is one that will continue to transform you long after the session. So, join us for this life-changing episode and discover the pure freedom & joy that rests within you waiting to be awakened.

If you have any pain that you are ready to transform to power, you can access the healing H.A.T. E. virtual course below.

Heart Healing Course

Big shoutout to the amazing Jamar Rogers for creating such powerful music and lyrics for the official song of The Shadow & The Light Podcast! Deep gratitude~

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