Episode 8: Are you seeking enLIGHTenment? Start here!

EP - 008  |  Apr 16, 2024

With Co-Hosts davidji & Elizabeth Winkler

Episode Description

Are you seeking enLIGHTenment? Start here!

This is our episode on Spirituality! Are you a human being having spiritual experiences OR a spiritual being having this human experience???

Embark on a quest for wholeness with Elizabeth Winkler and davidji, as we traverse the landscape of spirituality and self-discovery in this episode. We promise you’ll leave with a profound understanding of how exploring the depths of your Soul can illuminate so many aspects of your personal life, and also ripple out to those around you. Together, we share a refreshing take on the interconnectedness of our inner world, and guide you to reinforce the transformative potential of embracing your full self.

Journey with us as we share powerful stories of unexpected transformations that unfold on our path to self-awareness. We delve into the core elements that are needed to navigate our ever-changing world, awakening our individual healing processes and stepping boldly into uncharted territory. We explore the lasting imprints of childhood experiences as preparation for life’s uncertain moments; and different scenarios that unfold on our quest to balance our inner shadow and light. This episode is filled with rich insights for fearlessly taking your steps on the path of personal change. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that is not just thought-provoking but brimming with actionable wisdom for anyone on the journey to personal transformation. Dont forget to subscribe & share with those who could use a little light in their lives.

Big shoutout to the amazing Jamar Rogers for creating such powerful music and lyrics for the official song of The Shadow & The Light Podcast! Deep gratitude~

Episode Transcript

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