Episode 9: Ready for some ANCESTRAL HEALING? Let’s make Peace with Your Past!

EP - 009  |  Apr 23, 2024

With Co-Hosts davidji & Elizabeth Winkler

Episode Description

Let’s make Peace with Your Past!

Our latest episode of The Shadow and The Light Podcast beckons you into the realm of ancestral healing, where we reveal how the gifts and burdens of our forebears shape our present and future. In this transformational episode, davidji & Elizabeth Winkler unravel the tightly woven threads of familial dynamics and healing. We provide keys to unlocking patterns that have echoed through generations. Our insights shine a spotlight on the importance of distinguishing beneficial legacies from harmful cycles, and we offer wisdom on how to foster the former while courageously putting an end to what doesn’t nourish us.

Embarking on a personal journey can often lead us down unexpected paths, and in this episode, we discuss the power of life transformation through dream work and meditation. A single dream that Elizabeth had, brimming with fear and rats, became a doorway to profound healing and the realization that energy work and mindfulness have places of power within therapeutic practices. Our dialogue weaves through the potential of ancestral contracts and how confronting fear with relaxation can be transformative, illuminating the initial steps to mend emotional wounds and guiding you closer to the best version of yourself.

The episode reaches a poignant crescendo as we navigate the tender process of connecting with those we’ve lost. davidji shares the solace found in an unlikely gift—a copy of the Odyssey—and its symbolic reflection of his own odyssey through grief and connection. We also discuss how others who have lost a loved one, like the couple at Zach’s House (zachshouse.org.uk), find comfort and connection through research and spiritual communication, reinforcing the idea that love’s reach extends far beyond the confines of this physical world. Through our stories, Elizabeth and davidji celebrate the duality of life’s light and shadow, affirming that both are present not to hinder but to liberate us. We invite you to join us in this enlightening exploration.

Big shoutout to the amazing Jamar Rogers for creating such powerful music and lyrics for the official song of The Shadow & The Light Podcast! Deep gratitude~

Episode Transcript

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