Episode 10: The END of SUFFERING

EP - 010  |  Apr 30, 2024

With Co-Hosts davidji & Elizabeth Winkler

Episode Description


Let’s heal together! Have you ever felt the sting of words spoken without thought, or been on the receiving end of a careless comment? Elizabeth Winkler and davidji, open up about these all-too-human moments on our latest podcast, revealing a poignant incident that led to a profound personal revelation. Through our conversation, we explore the traps of JEDI—Justify, Explain, Defend, Insist—and the necessity of impeccable speech for personal growth and the well-being of others.

Sometimes the hardest confrontations are with ourselves, and that’s where healing begins. We take you on an inward journey of self-forgiveness and repentance, reflecting on the powerful impact of a sincere apology and the ancient faith traditions that teach us the importance of remorse & reconciliation. Elizabeth and I share intensely personal stories about facing our own shortcomings and how the act of embracing our transgressions can lead to a cathartic release and self-liberation—lessons that resonate with anyone seeking to mend their own internal wounds.

Then there’s the transformative power of a morning meditation routine—before the day’s chaos ensues. We discuss how this practice serves as an alchemical process to transform overwhelming emotions into growth and understanding. The episode culminates in an exploration of the delicate dance between our shadow and light, and how embracing both can catalyze profound personal transformation. Join us for a journey that promises to move you from heartache to healing, and from darkness to an enlightened new beginning.

Big shoutout to the amazing Jamar Rogers for creating such powerful music and lyrics for the official song of The Shadow & The Light Podcast! Deep gratitude~

Episode Transcript

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